Roasted Plums is an information sharing project. We critically review news stories from mainstream and alternative media and try to fill in some of the gaps in coverage. We also promote homesteading, prepping and preparedness on a larger scale. Although most of our work right now is focused on building up Roasted Plums the blog and Roasted Plums TV on Youtube, we are setting up a 15-acre site to train people in survival education, including physical fitness, foraging, survival techniques and emergency shelter construction. By 2015 we hope to conduct workshops on these topics that will be open to the public.

The Writers


Sara is an author, blogger and activist.She has been blogging at The Wild Homestead going on 5 years now, and has written several self-published books, including  One Acre Homestead.

Sara started Roasted Plums in order to get away from the narrow subject matter of her homesteading blog and launch into political and conspiracy topics. Her goal is to promote an open-minded look at ideas about culture, government and identity in the US. She also writes about DIY and homesteading projects based on her experiences.







Jon is a Staff Sergeant of Marines, a wannabe author and Entrapeneur whenever I can figure out how to spell the word! I like long walks on the bea… wait. I joined the Marine Corps in 2003 and spent 9 years of my life there! I deployed twice with infantry chasing ghosts in the deserts of Iraq. In 2008 a couple things happened which changed my life and outlook on Politics and Reality. I had gotten a fat Reenlistment bonus as we all were at the time and suddenly had $50,000.00 to play with. Doing the smart thing, I invested in the stock Market (Some “safe” Mutual Funds). Just then the market crashed literally three months later I had lost half! Around the same time I suffered a heat injury Doctors called “Rhabdomyolosis” due to lack of sleep from swing shifts, meetings and a crazy schedule and lack of exercise while on a run. I had all the symptoms of heat stroke.

I made it a point to study Nutrition and workout like crazy and to find out what happened and never let it happen again. I ended up building a Fitness Blog! I was following Gym Jones and Crossfit religiously and trained for and completed the Marine Corps Marathon in Quantico that year! In studying Nutrition, anyone who spends any amount of time will eventually learn of Monsanto, Where Food Really comes from and all the Lies told by the FDA and USDA. Who knew that there actually is a CURE FOR CANCER!!!? Yep it’s not popular to Publicize though because it doesn’t bring in big dollars for people to heal themselves! So this is where I started in the search for truth and the end of being a Sheep.

Me as a Cpl. 2007

Me as a Cpl. 2007

I later learned conspiracies of 9/11 and put massive amounts of energy into the search for truth! Eventually you will find out if you haven’t that the wars are bullshit! and here is why! Now I’m here to launch this thing and see what kind of Awakening we can bring to people and train real Americans to take care of themselves and stop being so dependent on Wolves wearing the finest sheepskin! Inside the last year I went through a divorce and lost everything and continue to pay for it. The Justice system thought it would be a good idea to ruin my Life! So I think it’s a good idea to Burn that old life down and live independently of that old system that failed me!

The skill sets I bring to this are all aspects of Security from Personal Security (Body guarding- surveillance/ Counter surveillance, Advanced fighting and Weapons handling, Advance driving etc…), to Site Security, Cyber Security (I am an IT guy who held a Top Secret Clearance as well), Physical Security with Real World experience in a hostile Country. In depth knowledge of Nutrition and Fitness, Survival training and General Physical Preparedness! Not trying to brag but Expert at everything I touch and just an All Around Bad-Ass! Ha